Are you Suffering with anger?

Anger hurts you and those around you.

It is of course normal to encounter an array of feelings throughout the course of each day, and for most people they argueare able to control their feelings and keep things at bay.  However, for some, controlling their moods, and particularly anger, can be extremely difficult. This can cause great difficulties in their life, for themselves and people close to them. These uncontrolled tempers can be associated with stress, anxiousness and depression, either as a symptom or the underlying cause, but each one of these is treatable.

Anger can trigger quite a few of the physical responses that stress has – raising heartbeat, blood pressure levels and adrenalin levels.

These serious problems can cause issues in their daily life and more often than not these problems will spill into their work as well as affecting interactions with family and friends.

Some of the common problems with anger management issues manifest in them feeling aggravated with the people around them as well as experiencing feelings of anger whilst driving. Typically people will fly have a surge of anger or rage that is completely out of context to the situation thaey are in and often they will realise that they have overreacted shortly after the episode if not during the event. Long term unresolved anger can create a downward spiral resulting in mental health problems such as depression, as well as medical problems such as elevated blood pressure.

Hypnotherapy can give you control over your anger.

The triggers for rage can be many and varied, as everybody is affected by different things to different degrees. Common triggers include bereavement, abuse or frustration as well as feelings of lack of control, inadequacy, or fear. All of these rage triggers are readily helped by making use of hypnotherapy.

Utilising hypnosis, the primary triggers and beliefs maintaining the anger can be addressed, and new, calmer Couple talkingresponses can be created by the subconscious.   As a by-product, using hypnotherapeutic approaches is likely to help the person to actually feel calmer and more relaxed each and every day which can lead to happier life.

Just as removing fuel from a fire stops it spreading; simply by helping the person to take care of the underlying factors that cause their rages can lead to a dramatic enhancement in their private, social and work life.

Graham Russell, an experienced hypnotherapist, who works at Croydon Clinic of Hypnotherapy explained, “By helping the client to change their reaction to the old trigger circumstances, they are less inclined to be consumed by the old feelings of anger.  These changes help the person to genuinely feel more in control, which in turn enables them to really feel relaxed and comfortable in situations that would have been difficult before.”

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