Do You Struggle To Cope With Gambling?

Controlling the urge to Gamble.

Gambling can be a difficult habit to change but there is one therapy which stands head and shoulders above the others.  Hypnotherapy can help because it deals effectively and efficiently with the underlying root causes that bookiessupport the behaviour.  It also leaves the individual with securely embedded tools to help them tackle life without resorting to the cycle of risky behaviour which has left them feeling trapped for too long.

For large number of non-gamblers it can be hard to understand  how some people can gamble over and above their means, and if you’re a gambler yourself, you may wonder how to tell if you have a problem?

The answer is: If you gamble when you don’t want to, you continue to gamble past the point where you know you should throw in the towel, if you lose money that you need for other things, or if the people around you complain so much that you genuinely feel you must defend your gambling, then you could have a problem.

This addiction or behaviour, termed ‘compulsive gambling’ can lead to people creating and exploiting situations and scenarios in a way that can seem extremely difficult to defeat.  Many assume that problem gambling can become so ingrained in the subconscious that only hypnotherapy has a chance of removing it.

There are many problems which can arise from compulsive gambling and take control of, or create havoc in, theirscratch card daily lives.  In many cases the social life of a gambler suffers because they’re so wrapped up in the need to gamble that they may lose someone really important to them, an essential stabilising influence.

Often a gambler who is otherwise honest begins lying to and/or hiding their reckless gambling activities from their friends and family.  They may begin to fall into the trap of gambling to get out of financial troubles generated by overzealous gambling.  As money becomes tight, a gambler will also often start searching for other sources of cash, perhaps by selling much-loved items, borrowing money from friends or leaving bills outstanding.

This vicious circle can be broken using hypnotherapy.

By making use of hypnosis we can take care of the underlying thoughts that drive this problem behaviour.  The desire/need to gamble could be due to lots of things like accident, low self-confidence/self-esteem, feeling out of control or stressful life situations.

In countless cases, however, the person has become so obsessed with gambling that they usually have forgotten how and why it all begun.

Graham Russell from Croydon Clinic of Hypnotherapy based in Croydon, Surrey said,  “The gambling behaviour can be changed quickly and easily when you obtain access to the subconscious beliefs using hypnosis.  Hypnotherapy can bring change to habits and routines that you have been stuck with.  Some small changes  in the sub-conscious thought process can lead to very substantial changes in behaviour. “

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2 Responses to Do You Struggle To Cope With Gambling?

  1. David miller says:

    Have a compulsive gambling problem . Looking into stopping it came across your website .

    • Croydon Hypnotherapy says:

      Hi David, I have helped people with various compulsive problems including gambling. I have a specific course of treatment to help with gambling problems.
      If you would like more information or a chat give me a call on 020 8763 9832.

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