Low Confidence And Self-Esteem

What could cause confidence issues?

Many people will find that they endure highs and lows in their confidence levels during their lifetime. Sometimes

Croydon hypnotherapy for Confidence

Self-Doubt is a symptom of low self-esteem

itcan be a single thing that causes you to start to doubt yourself, or it could be the slow drip, drip of life or work that slowly chips away at you. It may even take some time before someone realises that they have this problem. Low self-confidence or self-esteem can make certain situations more difficult or uncomfortable, making it tricky to regain confidence fully. Having low self-confidence may mean it is tricky to speak in public, interview effectively, manage stressful circumstances such as meetings or performance reviews, or even attend social events. Low confidence is often a result of having a low self-esteem, this causes people to evaluate themselves in a negative way; disregarding the skills and abilities that they have, ignoring evidence that shows them in a good light or commonly focussing intently entirely on their physical appearance.

Those that have low self-confidence may appear introvert and timid, with difficulty in confrontational situations.

Bullying at school and critical parents, peers or colleagues may produce an environment that will play a large part in the conditioning a person receives in childhood or young adulthood; however people can develop and suffer from low self-esteem and confidence at any stage in their lives. These experiences can setup an ideal breeding ground for low confidence.

Not only can ongoing low confidence harm your self-worth, but it can also lead to a host of other problems, such as stress, depression and anger or aggression. Perhaps most damaging of all it can hold you back from trying new things and even stop you from achieving your goals. Anyone with low self-confidence will frequently find themselves in a cycle of negative thinking – convincing themselves of their own insignificance and reaffirming their low self-esteem. Left untreated, low self-confidence can have a knock-on effect and spread to all areas of life, from our capability to maintain a job to our ability to start or maintain supportive relationships.

However, confidence issues can be dealt with effectively with the right kind of help. In most instances, feelings of low confidence are the result of behavioural patterns. By handling the inappropriate thoughts or habits, the low confidence can be treated quickly and effectively and individuals will generally see the results in a short time. As self-confidence begins to increase, so you will create a constructive feedback cycle in which improvements in relationships, social and work life begin to fuel confidence at an increasing rate.

Hypnotherapy can quickly resolve issues with confidence and self-esteem.

Hypnotherapy can help you change the way you think and feel about yourself.

Hypnotherapy can help you change the way you think and feel about yourself.

Hypnotherapy strategies are one form of therapy that can help people to achieve a large rise in confidence quickly and easily. A qualified hypnotherapist can help you to identify and correct the underlying causes so that you can begin to create a positive feedback loop.
Hypnosis communicates with the subconscious mind and allows you to alter the belief systems you have about yourself by replacing negative ideas with favourable thoughts of confidence, success and self-worth. By removing the underlying issues that have been causing you to suffer in this way the treatment with hypnosis tends to be gentle and easy for the individual to do and therefore it makes it easier for you to return to a more confident sense of being and this will help you to succeed in your dreams and ambitions.
Graham Russell, a fully qualified professional hypnotherapist, and director of the National Council for Hypnotherapy works at Croydon Clinic of Hypnotherapy explained, “Confidence issues are the underlying cause of so many of the problems that I treat. Whether a client comes to see me for insomnia, anxiety, depression or anger issues there is a good chance that confidence issues play a part in their problem. Confidence is the foundation we build upon and once we have restored that foundation a better more stable and comfortable future can begin.”

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