How hypnotherapy builds confidence.

Confidence drops as people lose inter-personal skills.

As the world progresses we are becoming increasingly isolated. We communicate and converse progressively more through the internet with pc’s , phones and tablets and less and less via personal interactions. In my hypnosis clinic this is all too obvious as I see more and more clients who are feeling socially isolated.

Confidence helps to boost our happiness

We have to spend time face to face to build confidence with people.

As we communicate less in actual face to face interpersonal interactions we start to lose some of our most valuable communication skills and, when it comes to the younger generation, most likely are not accumulating the skills to start with. Apps like Facetime and Skype are better as at least we are seeing some of the visual cues, but you just can’t beat a chat over a cup of tea or coffee to hone your skills.

Thus, if we are losing these communication skills and we are not developing new ones, where will it stop? People without these skills can genuinely feel cut off and are not prepared to meet the demands of a social event; things like parties, pubs, restaurants. Events such as weddings can become a real challenge.

We cannot lay all the blame on technological innovations nevertheless, these new demands are making the situation far worse and it isn’t getting any better.

Boosting confidence is more than likely the most common issue I see in my hypnosis practice, in particular when the client is dealing with group social situations. Generally, they might say that they feel self-conscious or they are worried that they might say the inappropriate thing and look stupid. They solve this issue by either not going to begin with or by ensuring they don’t do or say something that might draw attention to themselves. Often not speaking even when they have something to say. This makes it hard for them to build bonds and relationships with those people around them.

A hypnotic approach is very effective at solving this kind of problem. Making use of hypnotherapy to give someone confidence might not totally resolve the situation long term as it does not really solve the situation. Often the root of the situation has to be remedied before the client finds a long term solution.

Generally the problem lies with prior events in our lives, like being bullied or mocked at school or ill-considered words from someone close to us. These past memories really need to be dealt with first to prepare the foundation for creating new levels of confidence. The moment the power of these old events has been completely removed the client is ready for a boost in self-confidence. This being done, the hypnotherapist can start to develop the client’s self-confidence. Having accomplished this we have to progress to the last section of the hypnotherapeutic approach.

As good as hypnotherapy is, it does have its boundaries.


As a hypnotherapist, part of this treatment solution is to assist the individual to enter more social situations to help
them increase their confidence in a natural way. On the whole, the hypnotherapist could work with the customer to ensure they are confident when entering these circumstances. Joining a club or going to an evening class can be enough – as long as there is a good level of social communication and interaction. The customer just has to be ready to chat and interact with the other individuals there.

It's never to late to make a change in how you feel.

Confidence can transform your life.

The hypnotherapist really should be helping the client remain positive and self-confident throughout. The client will gradually build their confidence on the solid footings they have already laid down. This is really the only way to create permanent improvement in levels of self confidence.

Graham Russell, said “Having a good level of confidence is so important to many aspects of our lives. It helps us to build both our careers and our relationships but perhaps most importantly it helps us to build up those social structures that help and support us through the difficult times in our lives.”

Graham Russell, a professional hypnotherapist, from the Croydon Clinic of Hypnotherapy, has been helping people in and around Croydon, Surrey recover their confidence for many years.

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