Croydon, Surrey: Residents find hypnosis really effective.

People in and around Croydon benefit from Hypnotherapy Clinic.

Anxiety levels are on the increase.

Anxiety levels are on the increase.

As soon as opened my hypnotherapy practice in Croydon, Surrey, one of the first things I noticed was the high ratio of people coming in to see me for anxious feelings. Whilst anxiety covers a relatively wide variety of difficulties, there seemed to be a prevalence of clients troubled by agoraphobia based anxieties and panic attacks. To start with I wondered if there was any external factor in and around Croydon, or the Surrey area, that might be responsible for the level of anxiety clients I was seeing. Although having spoken to a lot of other hypnotherapists, I realised that they were having similar experiences. The proportion of anxiety clients other hypnotherapists see in the UK would appear to be broadly similar.

I also found that my work with obese customers went down very well with the residents in Croydon, Surrey. Now, whether it’s my particular tactics or simply the effectiveness of hypnotherapy for weight management that has caused the excitement around Croydon, Surrey, I’m not really sure. Something has undoubtedly caused the rise in locals booking sessions with me.

Remarkably, I believed that because my practice is in Croydon, Surrey that I would only be pulling in clients from my specific geographic area but, as the years have gone by I get increasingly more clients from areas including Kent, Surrey, and even central London.

As a professional hypnotherapist I work with numerous problems like:

Alcohol and Drug Addiction

Exam Stress/Anxiety

Pain relief

High blood pressure

Shyness and Blushing problems


Social anxiety

Fear and Phobias such as fear of flying or feeling trapped.

And these are just the tip of the iceberg.

By working with individuals from Croydon, Surrey I hope I have made a little bit of a difference to local people’s lives.

Hypnotherapy For anxiety

Hypnotherapy can set you free from the past and help you feel better today.

Whilst working with the people of Croydon, Surrey, I have observed that they are really extremely brave because they deal with these difficulties every day, yet they are still able to live their lives relatively normally, often hiding their personal problems from friends and even family. While you walk around Croydon, Surrey you would never guess that the people you pass are often suffering from, quite significant problems in their lives. And if you are presently living with a problem, it can be quite a comfort to know that you are not alone.

Hypnosis can have a real effect on the undesirable conditioning that we have all received throughout our lives, from the minute we are brought into this world until this very day.  And when the detrimental conditioning is taken away, redefined or simply understood; it makes a substantial impact on the habits, problems or behaviours.  I have people travel throughout the area to come and see me, not simply from Croydon, Surrey.

Perhaps hypnotherapy tactics could make a big difference in your life? All you have to do to start this process of change is to contact me. So if you live or work in the vicinity of Croydon, Surrey why not take action now.  You can contact me at the Croydon Clinic of Hypnotherapy on 0208 763 98232 or you can contact me by email at this address

Graham Russell from the Croydon Clinic of Hypnotherapy has been working in Croydon, Surrey for several years as a qualified hypnotherapist.

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