Stop Smoking Cannabis

Stop smoking cannabis for good.

People smoke cannabis various reasons. It is often used as a way of relaxing or unwinding. Sometimes to avoiding challenges in life. Some people believe that it helps them to sleep. This is just a myth and has been disproved by science.

The truth is that cannabis is often the cause of these problems rather than the solution.  People who smoke marijuana say it is a way to unwind or loosen up and have fun.  Unfortunately, the drug works within the brain reduces the pleasure that you experience.  As you have less pleasure in life you start to lose the motivation to try new things or even do those things that you used to enjoy.  Cannabis then becomes nothing more than a distraction from your problems.  A way of ignoring them and pretending there is nothing wrong.

Cannabis comes in many forms.

Cannabis comes in many forms.

Cannabis can be used in many of different forms.  Each with its own characteristics and levels of potency. These include; skunk, oil, hash, and grass .Cannabis can be brewed as a tea or as an ingredient in cakes but primarily it is smoked as a joint or pipe.  Smoking cannabis is dangerous, statistically much more dangerous than tobacco smoking. It significantly increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and many cancers.

There are many other side effects such as paranoia, anxiety and panic attacks.  It can also cause nausea, tension, hallucinations, psychosis, short term memory.  By far the most common and potentially destructive effect is that it sucks away your motivation to achieve things.  Though a user may have noticed the adverse reactions they still have difficulty when trying to  stop. This is ordinarily the point they realise that they need help to break out of this habit.

If cannabis is having a negative effect on your life there is a good chance that you have noticed its adverse effects. What is often misunderstood is that the drug affects both the conscious and the subconscious mind and as such it often needs professional help to create change.

So just how can users stop smoking cannabis easily and comfortably?

stop smoking cannabis

Marijuana use significantly increases your risk of cancer.

Hypnotherapy is a very positive form of treatment.  It could help free you of your habit. If you want to stop smoking cannabis you should discuss your habit with your hypnotherapist. In just one or two sessions you will probably be able to gain control over your dependence. They help you to change the beliefs about your cannabis use at the subconscious level. Hypnosis can offer you the tools you need to succeed in giving up this dangerous addiction long term. Why not take the first step to change and look into hypnotherapy. Maybe you could stop smoking cannabis today?

The Croydon Clinic of Hypnotherapy based in Croydon have successfully helped many people stop smoking cannabis.  One of the most common themes we hear from clients is that it started off as a bit of fun. Then over time became a real problem.  It wastes a lot of time and money. it ruins relationships.  It causes lost opportunities and holds you back, Users often withdraw socially and generally feel bad about themselves and their lives. Using hypnotherapy you can make changes in your behaviour quickly and easily. The great thing about stopping using this drug is that you can feel improvements in your mood and behaviours very quickly.

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