Hypnotic Gastric Band and Gastric Re-Mapping

Hypnotic Gastric Re-Mapping™.

Does Gastric Band Hypnosis Work?

The simple answer is yes, Gastric Band Hypnotherapy works, but at the Croydon Clinic of Hypnotherapy we have found that it is much more effective when used in conjunction with with a broader weight loss program which we call Gastric Re-Mapping™.  With Gastric Re-Mapping we help you reset the point at which you feel full or hungry allowing you to have more control over how much and how often you eat.  This allows you to lose weight comfortably and easily without the constant battle against hunger.

How Does Gastric Band Hypnotherapy work?

An hypnotic gastric band is implanted by your therapist by making the sub-conscious mind believe that the stomach has been physically constricted and so can only hold a limited amount of food.  Just like the real thing the band can be adjusted at later sessions to reduce the amount you eat over a period of time thus reducing your calorie intake and leading to weight loss.  All without the risk of surgery or the side affects.

If you are interested in Gastric Re-mapping™ to lose weight why not call us for a free consultation.

Getting a Gastric Band using Hypnosis.

At the Croydon Clinic of Hypnotherapy you will discover that far from the prospect of unpleasant surgery the process of installing a hypnotic gastric band using hypnotherapy is a pleasent and calming experience  that will leave you feeling relaxed and comfortable with no unpleasant side affects whatsoever.


Why wait any longer?  Take those steps today to achieve those positive changes in the future.

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Our Gastric band weight loss treatment in Purley

If you are looking for hypnotherapy in the Croydon area we offer an effective range of Gastric Re-mapping and weight loss hypnotherapy treatments from our clinic in Purley, Croydon.

We treat people from all around our offices in Purley, Surrey including Sanderstead, Woodmansterne, Coulsdon, Croydon, Kenley and Purley Oaks.

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