Binge Drinking.

What Do You Do When Binge Drinking Stops Being Fun.

When you are young it can be fun to get drunk.  When drinking is new and exciting.  It’s a way of bonding.  A way to fit in or to feel free.  Many people go through this stage in their lives. For most people the excitement wears off.  Things settle down to more relaxed behaviours.   Drinking becomes a socially enjoyable routine.  The fun of binge drinking just fades away.  Binge drinking becomes boring.

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Binge drinking can cause us to take chances we would normally avoid.

For some people though binge drinking becomes the norm.  They get caught in a cycle of behaviour that they just can’t seem to break out of. Heavy drinking used to be mainly confined younger people. In recent times people have started to carry this behaviour into adulthood. This is where binge drinking can lead them into a cycle of problems.  It is important to remember that you don’t have to be an alcoholic to have a drink problem.

Binge drinking can lead people into acting in ways that they never would if they had control of themselves.  They may become violent or aggressive.  They may allow themselves to get into situations they would never allow if they  not so drunk.  They may end up in dangerous situations.  Violent or sexual encounters they would normally avoid. They might even get arrested. These  things can impact on your life for a long time to come.  They could damage your relationships with friends and family.  They could even impact on your career.

How Can You Stop And Still Have Fun?

Hypnotherapy is an effective way to make changes to the way you behave.  You may be surprised to hear that it only takes a short course of treatment to make these changes.  You can easily and comfortably make changes to your drinking behaviours.  You can find ways to enjoy yourself without losing control. Hypnotherapy can let you enjoy your social life and all the things you enjoy doing without getting wasted.

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