The Addiction Hypnotherapy program.

Hypnotherapy Croydon for addictionsAddiction is a habit that you struggle to control.  Something you perhaps once took pleasure in but now feel has become a problem?  Something you have to do?  Something that you wish you could stop? Is causing a negative reaction in your life, causing you more stress than reward?  Do you feel remorse after indulging your habit?  Then the chances are you have an addiction.

At the Croydon Clinic of Hypnotherapy we believe addictions / problem behaviours are not confined to physical substances but can be applied to many problem behaviours such as:

  • Alcohol or drug use
  • Gambling
  • Eating
  • Sex
  • Pornography
  • Spending

Croydon Hypnotherapy Clinic’s addiction programme

Our Hypnotherapy addiction programme will concentrate on helping you to resolve the issue by understanding the development of the addiction, the triggers and rewards and finally presenting you with alternative solutions and outcomes.

Our addiction programme is run in Purley, Croydon

If you are looking for hypnotherapy in the Croydon area we offer an effective range of addiction hypnotherapy treatments from our clinic in Purley, Croydon.

We treat people with many types of addictions / problem behaviours from all around our offices in Purley, Surrey including Sanderstead, Woodmansterne, Coulsdon, Croydon, Kenley and Purley Oaks.

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