Hypnosis for Dating Confidence

Hypnosis for Dating Confidence

lack of confidence in relationships.

A lack of confidence or low self-esteem can hold you back in relationships.

For some people it can be difficult to have the self-confidence to start dating or to return to dating. Whether you are a man or a woman, young or old confidence impacts on many aspects of your life. In this particular article we look at a new way to improve your confidence and take on any underlying issues that may be holding you back.

Maybe you find dating difficult because you have a low self-image?
Or maybe you still carry baggage from earlier romantic relationships?
Or have you just come out of a long marriage and been confronted by a lot of technology based dating that you feel unequipped to take care of?

Whatever you feel is holding you back, your success with regards to dating can depend on your level of self-esteem and confidence. It is really important to tackle these before getting started because further problems may develop as you start to reinforce those inaccurate beliefs.

Quite a few people find it difficult to accept a new dating prospect when it arises because they think it is better not to try and fail. This attitude is caused by the shortage of confidence. Sometimes it may be that they haven’t moved on from a prior break-up. Should you suffer low self-esteem, you could also be automatically sabotaging yourself by worrying you are not good enough, which can lead you to appear aloof, jealous or clingy.

If you believe you have low confidence or self-worth, the first step is to seek help.

If you are seeking help with anxiousness and fear related to dating, or you need help increasing your confidence so you can become more open to dating, hypnosis can assist you in numerous ways.

Hypnotherapy is particularly good at helping you to re-evaluate your beliefs about who you are and how others

Confident to enjoy life.

Rebuild your confidence and set yourself free to enjoy life fully.

see you. It is these beliefs that are generally at the root of the matter. With hypnosis you will probably be able to become ready to accept love, friendships and relationships through a process of deep reflection, consideration and finally – healing. It is a cliché but you have to accept yourself before you expect others to accept you.

By the use of hypnotherapy you can: Overcome the adverse reactions of past ordeals, be relaxed, self-assured and settled around other people and utilise favourable emotions, instead of negative feelings of fear or anxiousness. You can begin to have faith in yourself and learn to trust that you can and will have a successful relationship at some point.

To build a new positive relationship you must be open to a romantic relationship in the first place. By using hypnotherapy you can find new ways to be open and receptive to relationship opportunities which should give you the ability to build a good relationship going forward.

Graham Russell from Croydon Clinic of Hypnotherapy located in Croydon, Surrey explained why in their view hypnosis is extremely powerful in assisting to generate confidence around dating “It may seem surprising that a lack of self-confidence or self-esteem is not necessarily due to a lack of ability. It often results from focusing too much on the unrealistic standards and expectations of other people. We are all born full of confidence but as we grow this can be lost due to negative comments or actions by those we care about, especially parents, siblings and close friends or colleagues. These influences can be powerful in shaping feelings about ourselves.”

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Low Confidence And Self-Esteem

What could cause confidence issues?

Many people will find that they endure highs and lows in their confidence levels during their lifetime. Sometimes

Croydon hypnotherapy for Confidence

Self-Doubt is a symptom of low self-esteem

itcan be a single thing that causes you to start to doubt yourself, or it could be the slow drip, drip of life or work that slowly chips away at you. It may even take some time before someone realises that they have this problem. Low self-confidence or self-esteem can make certain situations more difficult or uncomfortable, making it tricky to regain confidence fully. Having low self-confidence may mean it is tricky to speak in public, interview effectively, manage stressful circumstances such as meetings or performance reviews, or even attend social events. Low confidence is often a result of having a low self-esteem, this causes people to evaluate themselves in a negative way; disregarding the skills and abilities that they have, ignoring evidence that shows them in a good light or commonly focussing intently entirely on their physical appearance.

Those that have low self-confidence may appear introvert and timid, with difficulty in confrontational situations.

Bullying at school and critical parents, peers or colleagues may produce an environment that will play a large part in the conditioning a person receives in childhood or young adulthood; however people can develop and suffer from low self-esteem and confidence at any stage in their lives. These experiences can setup an ideal breeding ground for low confidence.

Not only can ongoing low confidence harm your self-worth, but it can also lead to a host of other problems, such as stress, depression and anger or aggression. Perhaps most damaging of all it can hold you back from trying new things and even stop you from achieving your goals. Anyone with low self-confidence will frequently find themselves in a cycle of negative thinking – convincing themselves of their own insignificance and reaffirming their low self-esteem. Left untreated, low self-confidence can have a knock-on effect and spread to all areas of life, from our capability to maintain a job to our ability to start or maintain supportive relationships.

However, confidence issues can be dealt with effectively with the right kind of help. In most instances, feelings of low confidence are the result of behavioural patterns. By handling the inappropriate thoughts or habits, the low confidence can be treated quickly and effectively and individuals will generally see the results in a short time. As self-confidence begins to increase, so you will create a constructive feedback cycle in which improvements in relationships, social and work life begin to fuel confidence at an increasing rate.

Hypnotherapy can quickly resolve issues with confidence and self-esteem.

Hypnotherapy can help you change the way you think and feel about yourself.

Hypnotherapy can help you change the way you think and feel about yourself.

Hypnotherapy strategies are one form of therapy that can help people to achieve a large rise in confidence quickly and easily. A qualified hypnotherapist can help you to identify and correct the underlying causes so that you can begin to create a positive feedback loop.
Hypnosis communicates with the subconscious mind and allows you to alter the belief systems you have about yourself by replacing negative ideas with favourable thoughts of confidence, success and self-worth. By removing the underlying issues that have been causing you to suffer in this way the treatment with hypnosis tends to be gentle and easy for the individual to do and therefore it makes it easier for you to return to a more confident sense of being and this will help you to succeed in your dreams and ambitions.
Graham Russell, a fully qualified professional hypnotherapist, and director of the National Council for Hypnotherapy works at Croydon Clinic of Hypnotherapy explained, “Confidence issues are the underlying cause of so many of the problems that I treat. Whether a client comes to see me for insomnia, anxiety, depression or anger issues there is a good chance that confidence issues play a part in their problem. Confidence is the foundation we build upon and once we have restored that foundation a better more stable and comfortable future can begin.”

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Do You Struggle To Cope With Gambling?

Controlling the urge to Gamble.

Gambling can be a difficult habit to change but there is one therapy which stands head and shoulders above the others.  Hypnotherapy can help because it deals effectively and efficiently with the underlying root causes that bookiessupport the behaviour.  It also leaves the individual with securely embedded tools to help them tackle life without resorting to the cycle of risky behaviour which has left them feeling trapped for too long.

For large number of non-gamblers it can be hard to understand  how some people can gamble over and above their means, and if you’re a gambler yourself, you may wonder how to tell if you have a problem?

The answer is: If you gamble when you don’t want to, you continue to gamble past the point where you know you should throw in the towel, if you lose money that you need for other things, or if the people around you complain so much that you genuinely feel you must defend your gambling, then you could have a problem.

This addiction or behaviour, termed ‘compulsive gambling’ can lead to people creating and exploiting situations and scenarios in a way that can seem extremely difficult to defeat.  Many assume that problem gambling can become so ingrained in the subconscious that only hypnotherapy has a chance of removing it.

There are many problems which can arise from compulsive gambling and take control of, or create havoc in, theirscratch card daily lives.  In many cases the social life of a gambler suffers because they’re so wrapped up in the need to gamble that they may lose someone really important to them, an essential stabilising influence.

Often a gambler who is otherwise honest begins lying to and/or hiding their reckless gambling activities from their friends and family.  They may begin to fall into the trap of gambling to get out of financial troubles generated by overzealous gambling.  As money becomes tight, a gambler will also often start searching for other sources of cash, perhaps by selling much-loved items, borrowing money from friends or leaving bills outstanding.

This vicious circle can be broken using hypnotherapy.

By making use of hypnosis we can take care of the underlying thoughts that drive this problem behaviour.  The desire/need to gamble could be due to lots of things like accident, low self-confidence/self-esteem, feeling out of control or stressful life situations.

In countless cases, however, the person has become so obsessed with gambling that they usually have forgotten how and why it all begun.

Graham Russell from Croydon Clinic of Hypnotherapy based in Croydon, Surrey said,  “The gambling behaviour can be changed quickly and easily when you obtain access to the subconscious beliefs using hypnosis.  Hypnotherapy can bring change to habits and routines that you have been stuck with.  Some small changes  in the sub-conscious thought process can lead to very substantial changes in behaviour. “

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Are you Suffering with anger?

Anger hurts you and those around you.

It is of course normal to encounter an array of feelings throughout the course of each day, and for most people they argueare able to control their feelings and keep things at bay.  However, for some, controlling their moods, and particularly anger, can be extremely difficult. This can cause great difficulties in their life, for themselves and people close to them. These uncontrolled tempers can be associated with stress, anxiousness and depression, either as a symptom or the underlying cause, but each one of these is treatable.

Anger can trigger quite a few of the physical responses that stress has – raising heartbeat, blood pressure levels and adrenalin levels.

These serious problems can cause issues in their daily life and more often than not these problems will spill into their work as well as affecting interactions with family and friends.

Some of the common problems with anger management issues manifest in them feeling aggravated with the people around them as well as experiencing feelings of anger whilst driving. Typically people will fly have a surge of anger or rage that is completely out of context to the situation thaey are in and often they will realise that they have overreacted shortly after the episode if not during the event. Long term unresolved anger can create a downward spiral resulting in mental health problems such as depression, as well as medical problems such as elevated blood pressure.

Hypnotherapy can give you control over your anger.

The triggers for rage can be many and varied, as everybody is affected by different things to different degrees. Common triggers include bereavement, abuse or frustration as well as feelings of lack of control, inadequacy, or fear. All of these rage triggers are readily helped by making use of hypnotherapy.

Utilising hypnosis, the primary triggers and beliefs maintaining the anger can be addressed, and new, calmer Couple talkingresponses can be created by the subconscious.   As a by-product, using hypnotherapeutic approaches is likely to help the person to actually feel calmer and more relaxed each and every day which can lead to happier life.

Just as removing fuel from a fire stops it spreading; simply by helping the person to take care of the underlying factors that cause their rages can lead to a dramatic enhancement in their private, social and work life.

Graham Russell, an experienced hypnotherapist, who works at Croydon Clinic of Hypnotherapy explained, “By helping the client to change their reaction to the old trigger circumstances, they are less inclined to be consumed by the old feelings of anger.  These changes help the person to genuinely feel more in control, which in turn enables them to really feel relaxed and comfortable in situations that would have been difficult before.”

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The science of weight loss: Part 2

Can exercise fix a “broken” metabolism.

James Hill, PhD, at the University of Colorado tells us “People used to come into the doctor’s office and say, ‘My metabolism is broken.’ We never had any evidence that it actually was, until recently. We were wrong – it was!”

Exercise really can help your metabolism to recover.

“A lot of what we know in this area comes from NASA, and the bed-rest studies,” Hill says. “Within a couple of days of non-activity, the metabolism becomes inflexible. You start moving again, and it does start to change.” Your metabolism may not ever get back to where it was but the evidence indicates that it can indeed recover, largely through your moving your body every day.

This is why exercise is critical in the maintenance phase, which is well known to be more difficult than the weight loss phase.  Regular daily exercise will help you to lose weight as well as to maintain that loss as long as it is combined with good healthy changes in your diet.stk327240rkn

Essentially, exercise buys us some wiggle room, Michael Jensen, MD at the Mayo Clinic says. “Exercise is very, very important for maintaining lost weight, and people who are not physically active are more likely to gain weight. We think it’s partly because in the extra calories burned from physical activity, you have a bit more flexibility in food intake, so you’re not so much relying on ridged changes in eating habits; it makes it more tolerable.”

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The Science Behind Weight Loss (Part 1)

joggingOver the next few weeks I am going to talk about the science behind weight loss. There are a lot of things said about losing weight that appear on the surface to make sense, they have the appearance of science and fit in with our own ideas of how to lose weight. Many people and organisations will try to tell you ‘the secret’ of losing weight but the truth is that there are no secrets.  The facts behind gaining and maintaining a healthy weight are simple and straight forward. In fact some of the weight loss articles out there these days are getting a just little strange and point to exotic and often expensive weight loss supplements.   If instead, you investigate new scientific studies, you will find that they start to reveal how metabolism works and they are valuable for what they reveal.  Unfortunately there is always someone out there who will use this information to promote products that have very little science to show they are effective.  Often organisations or groups will use celebrities or sporting stars in there promotions to imply the efficacy of their product or technique.  Continue reading

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A Total Ban On Smoking!

A life time Smoking ban for the under fourteens.

anxiety freeDoctors in the UK are to vote on whether to push the government to bring in a permanent ban on the sale of cigarettes to anyone born after the year 2000. This is a bold approach which attempts to protect the next generation of children from the lethal effects of tobacco smoking. Continue reading

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How hypnotherapy builds confidence.

Confidence drops as people lose inter-personal skills.

As the world progresses we are becoming increasingly isolated. We communicate and converse progressively more through the internet with pc’s , phones and tablets and less and less via personal interactions. In my hypnosis clinic this is all too obvious as I see more and more clients who are feeling socially isolated.

Confidence helps to boost our happiness

We have to spend time face to face to build confidence with people.

As we communicate less in actual face to face interpersonal interactions we start to lose some of our most valuable communication skills and, when it comes to the younger generation, most likely are not accumulating the skills to start with. Apps like Facetime and Skype are better as at least we are seeing some of the visual cues, but you just can’t beat a chat over a cup of tea or coffee to hone your skills.

Thus, if we are losing these communication skills and we are not developing new ones, where will it stop? People without these skills can genuinely feel cut off and are not prepared to meet the demands of a social event; things like parties, pubs, restaurants. Events such as weddings can become a real challenge.

We cannot lay all the blame on technological innovations nevertheless, these new demands are making the situation far worse and it isn’t getting any better.

Boosting confidence is more than likely the most common issue I see in my hypnosis practice, in particular when the client is dealing with group social situations. Generally, they might say that they feel self-conscious or they are worried that they might say the inappropriate thing and look stupid. They solve this issue by either not going to begin with or by ensuring they don’t do or say something that might draw attention to themselves. Often not speaking even when they have something to say. This makes it hard for them to build bonds and relationships with those people around them.

A hypnotic approach is very effective at solving this kind of problem. Making use of hypnotherapy to give someone confidence might not totally resolve the situation long term as it does not really solve the situation. Often the root of the situation has to be remedied before the client finds a long term solution.

Generally the problem lies with prior events in our lives, like being bullied or mocked at school or ill-considered words from someone close to us. These past memories really need to be dealt with first to prepare the foundation for creating new levels of confidence. The moment the power of these old events has been completely removed the client is ready for a boost in self-confidence. This being done, the hypnotherapist can start to develop the client’s self-confidence. Having accomplished this we have to progress to the last section of the hypnotherapeutic approach.

As good as hypnotherapy is, it does have its boundaries.


As a hypnotherapist, part of this treatment solution is to assist the individual to enter more social situations to help
them increase their confidence in a natural way. On the whole, the hypnotherapist could work with the customer to ensure they are confident when entering these circumstances. Joining a club or going to an evening class can be enough – as long as there is a good level of social communication and interaction. The customer just has to be ready to chat and interact with the other individuals there.

It's never to late to make a change in how you feel.

Confidence can transform your life.

The hypnotherapist really should be helping the client remain positive and self-confident throughout. The client will gradually build their confidence on the solid footings they have already laid down. This is really the only way to create permanent improvement in levels of self confidence.

Graham Russell, said “Having a good level of confidence is so important to many aspects of our lives. It helps us to build both our careers and our relationships but perhaps most importantly it helps us to build up those social structures that help and support us through the difficult times in our lives.”

Graham Russell, a professional hypnotherapist, from the Croydon Clinic of Hypnotherapy, has been helping people in and around Croydon, Surrey recover their confidence for many years.

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Croydon, Surrey: Residents find hypnosis really effective.

People in and around Croydon benefit from Hypnotherapy Clinic.

Anxiety levels are on the increase.

Anxiety levels are on the increase.

As soon as opened my hypnotherapy practice in Croydon, Surrey, one of the first things I noticed was the high ratio of people coming in to see me for anxious feelings. Whilst anxiety covers a relatively wide variety of difficulties, there seemed to be a prevalence of clients troubled by agoraphobia based anxieties and panic attacks. To start with I wondered if there was any external factor in and around Croydon, or the Surrey area, that might be responsible for the level of anxiety clients I was seeing. Continue reading

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Could hypnosis definitely work for me?

Could a hypnotic approach really work?

Hypnosis is scoffed at by more than a few – the whole idea of a swinging pocket watch and the phrase ‘you are hypnosis1feeling sleepy… very sleepy’ is generally what springs to mind when we hear the word ‘hypnosis’. Either that or they associate it with being forced to do degrading things such as clucking, just like a chicken. Yet true hypnotherapy isn’t a daft party trick; it is a good, powerful technique for people to beat unhealthy habits or behaviours, such as unnecessary eating or cigarettes, by re-wiring the subconscious mind. Yet it is obviously normal to consider ‘Hypnotherapy, does it work?’ when you’re considering making use of this therapeutic approach. With so many countless fallacies surrounding this practice, it is important to learn the truth about hypnotherapy and how it can bring beneficial changes to your life.

What exactly is involved?

By making use of the subconscious mind and utilising the effectiveness of suggestion, a hypnotherapist can re-programme unhelpful belief systems with new positive ideas. Although the conscious mind only recollects a small fraction of what we see, hear and experience; the subconscious mind remembers all of it, typically without our awareness. Hypnotherapy functions by getting at these hidden experiences and thought processes to produce new, more favourable beliefs and behaviours.

The stereotypical belief is that a hypnotic approach involves sending the customer to sleep. Yet, what actually hypnosis2occurs is that the client is guided into a deeply relaxed state of mind.

Some clients don’t even notice that they have become so relaxed until they are brought back into a fully alert state of mind. Now and again individuals might notice no change at all, as visual and auditory awareness is often retained during a hypnotherapy session. Nonetheless, men and women tend to be amazed at the amount of time that has passed during their session, as one’s own sensation of time will become altered whilst in a hypnotic state of relaxation.

Real benefits

Numerous individuals have effectively overcome difficulties with a hypnotic approach, for example being overweight, hopelessness, destructive addictions, smoking cigarettes, panic and anxiety and sleep disorder, and now strongly recommend it to folks they know. This even includes countless celebrities, including Kevin Costner, Orlando Bloom, Sophie Dahl and Matt Damon.

While a hypnotic approach might have only just gotten widespread interest, it is far from a new approach – at the end of the 19th century, a commissioned study by the British Medical Association discovered that “as a therapeutic agent hypnotism is frequently effective in relieving pain, procuring sleep, and alleviating many functional ailments [i.e. psycho-somatic complaints and anxiety disorders].” Even Einstein used hypnotherapy!

With more than a hundred years of favourable feedback, and numerous personal successes, hypnotherapy comes with a tried-and-tested method to solve an array of issues.

Graham Russell of The Croydon Clinic of Hypnotherapy whose hypnosis practice is operating out of Croydon, Surrey reported, “Many people arrive at the clinic wondering whether hypnotherapy will be able to help with their problem.  It is such a shame that people live with their issues for so long, trying so many other things, before they get to a hypnotherapist and find out just how effective treatment can be.”

The Croydon Clinic of Hypnotherapy is owned by Graham Russell (Development Director of the National Council for Hypnotherapy.) It is the ambition of the clinic to help clients to achieve their goals easily and effectively in a friendly and relaxed environment. Hypnotherapy could be just the thing you need to complete that positive step.

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