Relaxation MP3

Deep Relaxation: The Importance to Mental & Physical Health?

Relaxation MP3 is important to good health.

In the modern world we find ourselves switched on or online all the time.

You could describe relaxation as the act of consciously relaxing the mind and body. Of course everybody relaxes a little each day.  In the hustle and bustle of the modern world we do not relax enough.  There is always something else to do.  Somewhere to go, someone to meet. Work to be done, emails to answer.  And then of course there is Facebook and Twitter, etc. etc.

Even when we think we are relaxing it is rarely true.  We find ourselves switched on all the time.  Rushing from one task to the next, never giving ourselves a moment to reset.  We need time to appraise our lives and decide where we are heading.

With modern technology we find ourselves always contactable.  Connected to friends and colleagues, meaning that demands are made on our time constantly. Even at those times that perhaps in the past we would have relaxed.  We simply don’t give ourselves time to recoup and re-assess.

You could think of it like a computer that has been left running for a long time.  More and more programs starting until the system starts to grind to a halt.  We all know what to do when that happens.  Shut down all the programs you don’t need right now.  Maybe reboot the computer. Even better would be to set up a system whereby you reboot the machine every day.  That way it will always be running at its optimum performance. It will work more smoothly and effectively.

What is Deep Relaxation?

Deep relaxation MP3 is so important.

As you learn to relax more you will become free to succeed.

You could describe relaxation as releasing yourself from the restraints or constraints of your daily life. Giving yourself a breathing space to think clearly without intrusions.  There are many names for this deep relaxation: mindfulness, meditation, visualisation or various breathing techniques.  These sound complicated but in fact are all just variations of hypnosis which is a natural and normal change in your mental state.  I decided to record the relaxation MP3 below to show you how you can do this.

As a highly experienced hypnotherapist I know the importance of relaxation in the prevention of so many serious complaints.  Anxiety, Insomnia, IBS to mention just a few. If you suffer from any of these issues then using the relaxation MP3 may help.  Deep relaxation can help relieve or even prevent these problems.  However you may need more help if the problems are already established.

If you feel that your life could benefit from some more relaxation you should try listening to the track below.  It will allow you to experience a state of hypnotic deep relaxation that will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world afresh.  All you need to do is follow the instructions I give you and you will experience a truly refreshing relaxation experience.

I recommend that you find twenty minutes a day to use this deep relaxation MP3 to fully benefit from the effects but even if you choose to just use it occasionally you will notice a change in your sense of well being.

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